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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About phony rich hipster racism and why I'm at war with the Invisible Gothamist Empire and the death of Puerto Rican Williamsburg, Yeah, bro.

There is this subculture of rich hipsters who think that in some sort of a way they are Black or almost Black or pseudo Black. They like to use Black slang, they follow hip hop, they all have Black friends, some even Black lovers, but they are part of a cutting edge of ethnic and class cleansing of our cities, and they really don't give a rat's ass if they are.

Why a penniless  old ethnic Jewish taxi driver is saying this? Well, because I sometimes can almost die laughing when one of these guys gets into my taxi and calls me "bro.'" Meanwhile the African American, Puerto Rican and Dominican populations of the city decrease. Look at this cool video about the death of the Puerto Rican neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"Bro'!" I guess because I am doing a menial job and serving them I become "bro.'" Now I love Black people, black slang, some hip hop but I know who I am not and that's Black. Or Puerto Rican or Dominican. For the record I do not call myself or anyone else "bro.

But I would bet the farm that Jake Dobkin and Garth "you stupid fuckin' idiot" Johnston do.

Anyhow this pseudo Blackness gives people like this license in their own minds and among their peers to practice something I call class and racial arrogance. In a website like Gothamist this takes the form of cabbie bashing, ie lying to defame and diminish the earning capacity of a work force that is over eighty percent non white immigrant.-

So, Dobkin runs a media empire that has hired one African American. And maybe, maybe two Latinas.

And he gets away with it. Up until now.

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