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Thursday, June 20, 2013

An open letter to #Shanghaiist and your readers too - Gothamist racism will be a stain on you

Let's be real folks. Were it not for the events that culminated in 1949 there would still be these signs in Shanghai parks that I don't even have to describe or illustrate. I've never been to Shanghai and I've never been to China so I can only guess that that kind of oppression lingers on in the historical memory of the city and its people. I could be wrong, yes, it's only my intuition that tells me this.

Gothamist is a business success it would seem and it has a formula. They re write the journalism of others, reprint government handouts and add a spin and they appeal to a generation of white Americans that did not live through the civil rights and Black liberation struggles, who see a president with dark complexion and African roots, who themselves enjoy African American culture and who would be outraged to be called racists. I rather think that on a personal level they are not fir the most part.

In the United States racism is still strong and in fact it rides high. There are more African Americans in prison than in college. They are stopped randomly on the streets of New York by the police and they are searched randomly.

They for the most part do not have the networks and connections to get good jobs, or in many cases any job at all. Even the lowest menial work is in large part out of their reach as it is easier to exploit immigrants than citizens.

The Gothamist Empire has to my best knowledge one African American employee and one employee of African descent who is not an African American.

Among the favored targets of Gothamist is a powerless work force of taxi drivers. This is one socially acceptable way that remains for supremacists to vent themselves, as overwhelmingly the targets of slander and abuse have no voice that can be heard or that will be respected. They are almost all of them immigrants who are not of European descent. It's fun, it's easy and until now it's been without consequence that they could be slandered and abused. Gothamist is slowly realizing that they went too far in this sport.

Now in a small way in this matter the tables have turned. Look:

Garth Johnston, a functional illiterate, writes for The Gothamist.They should be praised for giving such a highly challenged person a chance.

Go to google and search Jake Dobkin Gothamist. In just one day without any special effort on my part (yet) look what you find on the second page:

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  2. Please Don't Vomit In the Taxi: Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin, John Del ...

    1 day ago – Jen Chung, Jake Dobkin, John Del Signore and Garth Johnston at The # Gothamist- You have a problem spelled "one angry cabbie blogger" ...

No doubt soon your readers will see this item on google too. Think about how you want to answer them.

And look here:

Jake Dobkin's "Urbanist Empire (or maybe it's his Invisible Empire) " As Stevie Wonder sang: Cause where he lives they dont use colored people Living just enough, just enough for the city!

Don't take my word for it- check out their staff pages.

American, Posssibly two Latina staffers. Out of how many total?

Uploaded on Mar 27, 2009
Stevie Wonder - Living for the city 1974

A boy is born in hard time Mississippi
Surrounded by four walls that aint so pretty
His parents give him love and affection
To keep him strong moving in the right direction
Living just enough, just enough for the city!

His father works some days for fourteen hours
And you can bet he barely makes a dollar
His mother goes to scrub the floors for many
And you'd best believe she hardly gets a penny
Living just enough, just enough for the city!


His sisters black but she is shonuff pretty
Her skirt is short but lord her legs are sturdy
To walk to school she's got to get up early
Her clothes are old but never are they dirty
Living just enough, just enough for the city!

Her brothers smart he's got more sense than many
His patiences long but soon he wont have any
To find a job is like a haystack needle
Cause where he lives they dont use colored people
Living just enough, just enough for the city!


(Living just enough for the city)
Living for the city yeah
(Living just enough for the city)
Living for the city yeah ...


Everybody's singing
La, la, la, la, la, la,
Da ba da da da da da da
Da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da
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